Reinventing the
way we recycle.

Get rewarded for recycling with our mobile app
and on-demand pick up service without leaving your home.


CarbonLoop's mission is to help households achieve greater sustainability by reinventing the way residents recycle plastic, glass and aluminum beverage containers, along with cardboard boxes.

Convenience & Efficiency

Get rewarded for recycling without leaving your home

With the CarbonLoop mobile app, simply select the recyclables you have ready for pick up and place your bags at your designated pick up location.

Modern day recycling

Recycling is easier than ever with on-demand pick ups through
the CarbonLoop mobile app.


Users are rewarded for recycling all from the convenience of their own home.

Community Rankings

Some friendly competition encourages engagement, furthers recycling efforts, and inspires current users to create sustainable communities.

Cashing Out

Users can redeem their eligible beverage containers for monetary rewards all through the app.

CarbonLoop Dashboard

Reduce Contamination

Segregation from the start will reduce contamination rates and maintain marketability of the recyclable commodities.

Impact Tracking

Users can view their recycling history and understand how their efforts positively impact the environment.

Donate to Charities or Shop

Optionally donate payments to a charitable cause, local community fundraisers, or shop for green consumer products within the CarbonLoop store.